Paper Holder, roll holder, brush holdertowel holder, magazine holder... OLFA offers a full range of accessories dedicated to decorating your toilet or your bathroom.    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "logo made in france"

Some accessories are coordinated to the decor or the color of your seat, it's the SAHARA RANGE.

Made from reticulated wood®, like the toilet seats, these accessories are available in all decors and all colors of our catalog, and in white of course !

Brush-Holder Roll-Holder Paper-Holder Paper-Holder with Reserve Combined Toilet            Peg Magazine-Holder Towel-Holder


Decor presented: Etimoe shiny

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Other accessories blend easily with all types of seats and all styles of toilets, it's the CLASSIC RANGE.                                                               

They are in cast aluminum and are achievable in all colors of our catalog, including white.

  Brush-Holder        Paper-Holder              Bin


Color presented : Souris


 The Olfa accessories are 2 years warranty.            

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