Our knowledge


A unique material ?

All OLFA toilet seats made out of reticulated wood® thanks to Rétilith® technology  are unique by their material. It is obtained by making the resins contained in a mix of beech powder react thanks to the combined action of heat (160°C) and pressure (400 T).


Long-lasting product thanks to its sturdiness

The quality of this material, of an exceptional homogeneity and a density higher than ebony, are particularly adapted to a product like toilet seats, which is daily submitted to high functionning and cleaning requirements.


Alliance of aesthetics and ecology

The material used in the manufacture of OLFA's toilet seats is beech powder. No tree is cut down to use the wood. We only use the cut waste (sawdust). Moreover we buy this raw material in Europe, our suppliers are certified PEFC, which allows us to make sure that the wood we use comes from durably managed forests.


Ultra resistant to water

OLFA reticulated wood® toilet seats are the only one which support many resistance tests. Among those, the immersion test is particularly spectacular. OLFA toilet seats can be immersed during many months in water, even soiled, with no consequence. After this test, you only have   to soften them and they are like new !


OLFA's quality

OLFA commits itself : all sturdiness and resistance quality of OLFA toilet seats are directly linked to the manufacture process, the RETILITH® process. 
It allows OLFA to guarantee its seats during 10 years against any manufacturing defect.